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Paula A. Vail

An absolutely remarkable individual, with an incredibly impressive professional resume, Paula A. Vail has emerged as an innovator in the holistic health and wellness field.

Over the course of her enormously successful career, Paula has routinely demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be considered among the upper echelon in her industry. Due to her sensational body of work and the enormous amount of success she has achieved in the alternative medicine arena, as well as throughout her entire occupational history, Paula has been accepted into the prestigious network of prominent professionals with Continental Who’s Who. Currently serving in the role of Reiki Practitioner/Owner of Wellness Inspired and Radio Show Host for Voice America’s “For the Love of Reiki,” Paula’s impressive body of work has led to her being recognized as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of holistic health and wellness. Drawing upon her comprehensive understanding of Reiki and driven by her desire to considerably improve the lives of others, Paula established Wellness Inspired in 2008, to share the beautiful gift of Reiki with as many people as possible. With the goal of assisting others in achieving their own self-empowerment, through expanding their knowledge and gaining new insight about Reiki, Paula set forth to make the world a better place, one person at a time. A Japanese technique used for the reduction of and the encouragement of relaxation, Reiki plays a key role in the promotion of healing, both internally and externally.

Based on the “life force energy” that flows within us, Reiki is a simple yet powerful method that works holistically to improve the health of one’s entire being. Operating under the belief that the levels of our “life force energy” has a humongous impact on the healing ability of one’s body, Reiki helps to replenish the body’s organs and tissues, while also having a profound effect on the soul. A Master Usui & Karuna Reiki® practitioner and teacher as well as a Master/Teacher of Holy Fire Reiki and a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and Illumination, Paula helps her clients to unlock the healing powers of the mind and live their lives to the fullest extent. Also the recipient of continuous training in Shamanism and Quantum Healing techniques, she offers her clientele various levels of Reiki classes, opening them up to a steady stream of love, joy, peace, healing, manifestation, gratitude, surrender and much more.

The extensive catalogue of teachings offered by Wellness Inspired, includes an assortment of classes and workshops, designed to provide her clients with a comprehensive awareness of the various forms of Reiki. Along with the well-respected media personality, Reiki Master Teacher, author and public speaker, Kristen Eykel, Paula also hosts an annual Hawaiian Reiki Retreat, which allows students to immerse themselves in the loving energy of Reiki in an environment brimming with beautiful landscapes, high vibrations and positive energy, providing them with a profound connection to the interconnected life force that surrounds us.


Always looking to further her reach by finding new avenues to communicate her message, Paula began hosting a talk radio show on Voice America called “For the Love of Reiki” in 2014. Through her radio program, she aims to supply her listeners with a greater understanding of Reiki, while simultaneously learning to live with love and compassion, ultimately leading to the manifestation of their own blessings. The show covers several different aspects of Reiki and related topics, including discussions of how Reiki fits in with Western medicine and other alternative healing modalities. Paula also touches on such topics as the role Reiki plays in hospitals, including the miraculous calming effect it can have on surgeries, pain and healing.

As a result of the compelling content the show contained and the positive effect it had on its listeners, “For the Love of Reiki” almost immediately gained a considerable international following. Greatly encouraged by the success of the show, Paula feels blessed to have the ability to share the gift of Reiki with people all across the globe. She credits the show with allowing her to connect with a large number of amazing people with a variety of experiences. Paula looks forward to meeting with many more interesting individuals in the future as the show continues to evolve.

Paula was initially introduced to Reiki when her beloved dog Shotzy, who was rapidly aging, became ill. It was suggested to her that she could learn Reiki and provide her cherished canine with the gift of healing light. After witnessing the healing effect that Reiki had on Shotzy, she was thoroughly convinced to continue on her path to enlightenment by furthering her understanding of the technique. Lighting a passionate fire deep within, Paula was determined to reach the furthest heights of Reiki mastery. Inspired to expand her knowledge of the practice, Paula set forth on her exploration, traveling through the levels of Reiki towards her ambition of eventually becoming a master practitioner. On her journey, she studied under some of the world’s most influential Reiki teachers, including William Lee Rand, founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training, The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association.

To this day, Paula still employs the teachings of his workbooks and guidelines in educating her clients. She has also studied with numerous other inspirational teachers in the United States as well as various shaman and medicine men in Peru. Reiki has also had an extraordinarily positive effect on Paula’s own physical and emotional being. Having been through three neck surgeries due to injuries suffered in a car accident as well as other various bouts with intense physical pain, she turned to Reiki which allowed her to get off of the toxic pain medication doctors had prescribed to her and to live a virtually pain-free existence. Additionally, the presence of Reiki in her life has enabled Paula to achieve a higher vibration that is filled with positive energy, love and enlightenment. Prior to her journey into the wonderful world of Reiki, Paula worked at Lorenzo’s Restaurant in Tacoma, Washington for over 28 years, many of which she spent as the owner and manager, after purchasing the business.

While successfully running the restaurant for many years, she was blessed with the good fortune of getting to know a diverse range of fascinating people, leading to an abundance of lifelong friendships and associations. From there, she spent some time as a receptionist, during which time she was able to further hone her communication skills. Despite the fact that she has accumulated an appreciable amount of her considerable expertise through her vast professional experience, Paula is also an extensively educated individual who earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting from Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington. In addition, she has spent countless hours studying the detailed workings of her current profession and earned various certifications in alternative healing methods in the process. Signifying her significant stature in the professional community, Paula has gained membership in the VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio Network, the National Association of Professional Women, the International Center for Reiki Training and the National Association of Distinguished Professionals. Furthermore, she was the recipient of the Best of Tacoma Award in the ‘Wellness’ category for three consecutive years, from 2013-2015, earning her a spot in the Tacoma Business Hall of Fame.


Further demonstrating her prolific performance as an entrepreneur and practitioner in the holistic health and wellness field, Paula has achieved a variety of accolades. She has been named as a VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women. Paula has also been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field by the National Association of Distinguished Professionals and was featured in the health and wellness category in Issue #12 of the NADP’s Women of Distinction Magazine in 2015. With close to a decade of sustained success as a pivotal player in her industry, along with her 28+ years as the owner and operator of a restaurant, it is quite apparent that Paula has an unequivocal understanding of what is required in order to thrive in a professional environment. Although she has already experienced a great deal of prosperity throughout her career, Paula always has a keen eye on the future. She foresees a continuation of success with Wellness Inspired as well as an increase in the number of listeners of her “For the Love of Reiki” radio show on VoiceAmerica. Continually seeking ways to provide assistance to those in need, Paula aspires to establish a nonprofit animal rescue organization and a Reiki retreat center on the beautiful property she was raised on in Centralia, Washington. She consistently aims to put forth the effort necessary to ensure that she is viewed as a source of positive energy, love and compassion to the entire planet, and she has been successful in that endeavor time and time again.